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Suggested Reading List 

  • Guide to Chitin 
  • Chitin: Healing Power from the Sea 
    by Dr. Nobuhide Hoashi  


    Dr. Nobuhide Hoashi, Chitin: Healing Power from the Sea (Los Angeles, California: Will Productions 1995).  

  • Asaoka, Koji, Chitin-Chitosan: The Choice Food Supplement for over 10,000 Physicians in Japan (New York, New York: Vantage Press, Inc., 1996).  


  • "Chitin: A Natural Product for the 21st Century" 
    (Atlanta, Georgia: International Commission on Natural Health Products)  
  • "Seaborne's Guide to Chitin and Other Ingredients" 
    (Alpharetta, Georgia: Seaborne, Inc., 1997, 770.663.6633.  


  • Zamperion, Eugene R. and Kamhi, Ellen J.: Healthy & Natural Journal / Volume 3 Issue 5 , page 32 (Sarasota, Florida: Healthy & Natural Journal, 1996)  
  • Pennisi, Elizabeth, "Chitin: Trash or Treasure?" Science News, vol. 144, No.5, pages 65 - 80 (July 31, 1993)  
  • Mater, Thomas: "Out Of Its Shell" Newsday, ( September 26, 1995)  
  • Tomomatsu, Hideo: "Health Effects of Oligosaccharides" Food Technology, pages 61 - 65 ( October, 1994)  


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