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A Natural Product from the Sea

Dalwoo-chitoSan from crab shell



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Chitosan Oligosaccharide              

A Natural product for 21 Century

The World Wide source for the Chitin / Chitosan, and Chitosan Oligosaccharide 


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First Quality Bulk Chitin / Chitosan, and Chitosan Oligosaccharide
from crab shell


What is chitosan?  
Functions, Fat binding and weight loss, Chitosan fiber...  
Functional Food    
How does chitosan work?, Functional food...  
Structure,  Preparation,  Application, Spectra, Chitosan Beads...  
Direction for use  
Tips for successful results....  
Chitin, Chitosan Oligosaccharide, 
Food grade chitosan,  Technical grade chitosan, Carboxylmethyl chitosan ...
Special Offer  
Chito-Oligo Tablet specially good for constipation, weight loss and reducing colesterol.
Waste water treatment, Food industry, Cosmetic, Medical, Agriculture... 
Article, Science report,  Review and books

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Chemistry of Chitin / Chitosan







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Functional foodfunctional food

A natural product for the 21 centry 
Sourcing from various chitosan sites...

A natural product for the 21 Century For years chitin and its derivatives have been used for nutritional and medicinal purposes in the Far East

Functional food
Chitin and its derivatives have been used for its health benefits in Korea...

Fat binder
Stop the absorbtion of fats while you are eat! A natural product called chitosan...

Chitosan "the fat trap"
Chitosan attaches to fat in the stamock before it is...

How does chitosan  work?
By converting fat into a form that the body doesnot absorb...

Benefits of Oligosaccharide
Anti-cancer, Anti-bacterial, Binds excess fat, supports immujity...






Reference sourcing from various chitosan sites

Chitosan Beads

Chitosan beads to remove heavy metals from waste water...

Chitosan Gels

A simple method for the preparation of chemically crosslinked Gels

Chtin & Chitosan

A short introduction to the world of chitin and chitosan

Chitosan Oligosaccharide

The Remarkable feature; Anti-cancer, Anti-bacterial, Lowers LDL... 

Research Reference

Chitosan Research Reference 

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A complete list of Books about Chitosan

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 Bibliography, commended Reading list, chitosan articles




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Last updated April 12, 2001

Maintained by Dalwoo Corporation