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How does chitosan work?   

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 Chitosan has properties similar to plant fibre and can significantly bind fat, acting like a sponge in the digestive tract. Chitosan is not digestible and the bound fat leaves via the intestinal tract without ever entering the bloodstream. By converting fat into a form that the body does not absorb, it becomes an inert substance which is readily expelled from the body. Chitosan has been shown to absorb 6 to 12 times its weight in fat and oils. Because Chitosan has fiber-like properties it can also be described as a cleansing agent which is a process vital to any weight loss program.  

Chitosan converts the absorbed fat into a non-digestible gel which bypasses the metabolic processes necessary to deal with the presence of fat in the stomach and intestine. Thus, Chitosan lessens the work that the liver has to do, which in turn lowers stress on other organs - organs that are normally put into high gear in the presence of fat.  

Taking Chitosan prior to meals can not only help attain dietary goals but it has been shown to have numerous other beneficial effects within the body. Chitosan may have beneficial effects by inhibiting LDL and HDL cholesterol, has antibacterial properties, healing of ulcers, preventing acid build-up, preventing irritable bowel syndrome, controlling blood pressure, strengthening bones and preventing constipation.  

How does Chitosan Work? Chitosan has a positive molecular charge, and fatty/bile acids have a negative charge, which means that there is a natural attraction. When fatty/bile acids come near Chitosan, they are absorbed and passed through the digestive tract.  

Chitosan is extremely low in toxicity making it environmentally friendly and safe for consumption. Chitosan has no nutritional value and other than its fat binding properties it is virtually inactive when entered into the human system.  

 Chitosan from crab shell  
  • All Natural Dietary Fiber Breakthrough! 
  • 95% Deacetylated for Increased Solubility! 
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    Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 teaspoonful of chitosan podwer 1/2 hour before meals. For maximum benefits, drink at least 8-ounces of purified water per day. Any fat soluble vitamin (A, D, E and K), medication or fatty acid should be taken at least 4 hours before ingestion. Take in conjunction with a health dietary and lifestyle plan.  

    Note: This product is derived from shellfish. If you are sensitive or allergic to any form of shellfish, you may wish to avoid the use of this product. This product is for adult use only and should not be taken when pregnant or nursing.  



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