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The Preparation of Chitosan Gels

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A Simple Method for the Preparation of Chemically Crosslinked Chitosan Gels

1. Principal Investigator

Prof. Amihay Freeman, Department of Molecular Microbiology and Biotechnology, Faculty of Life Sciences, Tel-Aviv University.

2. Subject Description

Chitosan is a polymer of 2-amino-glucose derived by hydrolysis of chitin, the second, most abundant, natural biomaterial. Chitosan is considered a safe, non-toxic biopolymer and routinely employed as a food additive and ingredient in pharmaceutical formulations. A simple method for the preparation of chemically crosslinked chitosan gels was developed. The new method employs non-toxic reagents and was carried out in aqueous medium and mild conditions. It allows for the preparation of mm size beads, micronized powder or films, all made of chitosan. The method provides for the entrapment of microbial cells in chitosan for carrying out biotransformations and biosynthesis, as well as for the preparation of formulations for the controlled release of pesticides, biofertilizer, biochemicals, etc. These formulations are particularly useful for oil emulsion based preparates.

3. Cooperation Desired

Licensing and/or tailored research for process/product development.

4. Patent Coverage

Patent pending.

5. Publications

A . Freeman and Y. Dror (1994) "Immobilization of "disguised" yeast in chemically crosslinked chitosan beads". Biotechnology and Bioengineering 44, 1083-1088.

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