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The keenest interest of all people health-conscious is in
mysterious material, Chitosan!

Years ago, Korean ancestors dried and crumbled squid bone and ever treated their hurt skin with the powder, which consists of chitin and carbon calcium. Artificial skin made from crab shell, at hospitals in Japan from 6 years ago, has been used for skin transplantation to patients with burns and it is very convenient to be used, considering it reduces pain by preventing germ from infecting and is not necessary to be 'often' replaced with new one . As ingredients of Chitosan - mystical material- mystery of which has been handed down from mouth to mouth expose itself one by one, the attention of people who concerns their own health even least, is gathering to Chitosan.

Chitin and Chitosan food, which has been well-known for panaceas through preventing vegetation of cancer cells of a representative uncurable disease. to have already made sensation in U.S.A, Japan, etc.., is also gathering people's interest as health food in Korea. It has been known that mostly Chitosan is included in Crustacea, since it was extracted from mushroom by Bracono, a Franch nature historian and it has suffered a ill-treatment as pollutant. However, Chitosan is being watched with high interest, as is used for prevention and cure against modern diseases such as cancer, diabetes, colesterol, liver disease, high blood pressure owing to many scholars' studies and also used for meat, fertilizer, textile extensively in advanced nations. Considering the largest fishing ground of red crab shells, main material of Chitosan, is Korea's eastern coast, it cannot but have keener interest.

Then, what differences are there between Chitin and Chitosan? In case of Chinese medicine, there are remedies of 'highest quality medicine', 'high quality medicine', and 'standard quality medicine' ranked by effect and adaptability. The highest quality medicine is anti-toxic, which does not work to specific organs and normalize somatological functions. According to this definition, Chitin-Chitosan are considered the highest quality medicine, while in western medicine they are classified not as medication but as functional food.

Chitin-Chitosan of health assitance food are called 'functional food', because they function almost medication. Especially, the following functions are remarkable.

Preventing aging Immunity training
Preventing and recovering disease Somotological rhythm controlling

Now let's get information of how Chitosan and Chitinliquid are put into practice as beauty material.
If Chitosan being used as cosmetic material, it is called Chitinliquid. Chitinliquid supplies wonderful effect for skin tissue reverse of hurt region as well as provides damp and warmness retaining to the full, because it has high adaptability, so you can keep your skin from wrinkles by Caolion and will be satisfied with double beauty effect, it speeding up cell activation and metabolism. Moreover, Chitinliquid, which increases viscosity, contains enough conditions as cosmetic to include emulsification stability, injection stability and coherence. Accordingly, it is manufactured as basic cosmetic like beauty water, milky lotion and widely applies to shampoo, rinse, mouth cleaner, tooth paste water soluble material,etc.. Chitin-Chitosan deeply related to organs and hormon also give great effect to boys and girls who are irritated with zit.

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