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Chitosan - the Fat Absorber
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Chitosan - a Fat Absorber   

Tone 'N' Tighten Shake  

Natural Speed

You can get a lot more information on Chitosan by ordering a book called “Winning the War on Fat with Chitosan” for $2.95. It is packed with all the details on this diet helper. Or get “Winning the War on Fat with Chitosan” absolutely FREE the first time you order Chitosan.  

To order, enter a quantity and click on "Add to Cart".  Order via the Toll Free Number on the next page, (1-800-730-2846 Dept. 199) or click "Check Out Now" to order online, by fax or mail.  All orders are protected with Secured Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption. 

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Do not use Chitosan prior to taking any medications, nutritional supplements and essential fatty acids.  They may not work as normal with Chitosan.  Pregnant or breast feeding mothers should consult your health care professional before taking Chitosan or any other nutritional supplement.  

Always check with your doctor before beginning any diet or exercise program, especially if you are over thirty or lead a sedentary life style. 

Feeling fat. Overweight?  Dreading the word diet?  There is a new dietary supplement on available that has the best research behind it of any thing I have seen in nine years in the weight control business.  You see, I know from experience what you really need to do to take off weight and keep it off.  You need to control the fats and calories that you eat.  You need to exercise.  In other words, burn more fat than you consume.  I also know that you already know this is true and you are not doing it.  

Someday you may get so sick of being overweight and unhealthy that you will start living healthily.  Or your doctor might scare you with some fat facts.  But most Americans will just play the fat roller coaster all of their lives.  First of all, let me say that I don’t condone any of this.  If you take care of yourself you will live a much better life.    

Feeling better... 
Looking better and more attractive.... 

Open yourself up for more opportunities. You really need to take the time to learn and practice healthy eating and life style habits.  

But for those special times that you just gotta have one more, or to give you that extra edge in shedding those extra pounds to start with, there is Chitosan.  It is best described as a fat absorber.  Let me explain.  

Chitosan is made by stabilizing Chitin which is extracted from the exoskeleton of shellfish.  It has been used for years to absorb fats where they are not wanted -- like in oil spills.  You know that oils are fats.  That is why when you fry chicken in oil you make a very high fat food out of what was normally a low fat food(hint.hint).  Chitosan actually binds to oils or lipids (fats) to make them easy to remove.  

In your stomach, Chitosan will actually bind to fats.  As Chitosan is a fiber that is not digestible it appears to render the fat useless. After Chitosan absorbs up to 12 times its weight in fats it will then pass with them right through your system. And right down the drain, so to speak.  

Safe...   And proving to be very effective 

Studies show everything from fat reduction to cholesterol reduction.  Remember, there is no miracle diet pill.  But I do believe that Chitosan can help give you a lot of help on your quest of losing weight and keeping it off.  

Don’t think that you can just pop a few Chitosan pills and go eat pizza every night.  However if you just have to eat the pizza (It’s OK. It even happened to me once. Or twice. Or...) your body will absorb a lot less of the fat than if you don’t take Chitosan.  You still need to watch your food intake. Drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of plain water per day.  And exercise more than you are now.  

Try Chitosan now. You may have a lot to lose. 
Chitosan - a Fat Absorber  - Tone 'N' Tighten Shake  - Natural Speed 
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