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The Revolutionary Discovery that lowers Cholesterol, Reduces Fat, and Controls Weight Naturally!
A Healthy Alternative to the Expensive &Dangerous Diet Drugs on the Market! 
Get Better Results without the Risk or the Expense! 


Imagine a product that allows you to eat exactly the same quantities as always while you lose weight and lower you cholesterol. now imagine that it's all natural and completely safe. It's the Holy Grail for all of us who are carrying around a few too many pounds. Such a product must be too good to be true, right?


There is a substance that can help you lose weight and lower your cholesterol, improve your health and even help prevent Cancer. You don't have to starve either to make it happen. As a matter of fact, you can eat normal still enjoy satisfying your favorite foods.

*You don't need a prescription for it... &

*It's completely natural 


Unlike other popular diet pills, this product is not a drug and has absolutely no known side effects. It's an all-natural dietary fiber that absorbs the fat you eat. 

This supplement allows saturated fat to pass naturally through your system instead of taking up residence in your thighs, belly or tush.

It's that simple. 

This marvelous product can help you manage your weight and cholesterol with an ease you never thought possible. It helps you see positive results quickly so that you can become motivated to make the lifestyle changes necessary to be healthy and fit.

What is this miraculous discovery?

It's called Chitosan!
Being Over-Weight is over!

Fat Blocker - Fat Absorber - Miracle Fiber 

Chitosan is a remarkable fiber that has the ability to absorb 6 to 8 times its weight in fat and oils.

That's right. The fat you eat is actually surrounded by chitosan and passed right out of your body. It's almost as if you never ate it. The most effective way to use Chitosan is as a catalyst to get you started on a weight reduction program and use your progress as a motivator to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Some time or other in your life, you have needed an initial boost to start a new habit. This is the perfect way to start a weight reduction program. You start dropping fat fast. Chitosan enables your body to bypass the metabolic process necessary to biologically and chemically absorb the fat that you take in. Therefore when taken before you eat, it binds with the fat you consume at a meal and passes right out of your body unused, unstored.

Where did Chitosan come from and how did it all start?

Chitosan is a natural product derived from chitin, a polysaccharide found in the exoskeleton of shellfish like shrimp or crabs. While it has been in existence for millennia, its current form has just recently been prepared. Technically speaking Chitosan is a naturally occurring substance that is chemically similar to cellulose which is a plant fiber. Like plant fibers, Chitosan possesses many of the same properties as fiber, however unlike plant fiber, it has the ability to significantly bind fat, acting like a "fat sponge" in the digestive tract.

Chitosan is a product now available! 

How does it really take fat out of your body?

Chitosan is a 100% natural fiber that is found in the exoskeletons of crustaceans. Unlike other fibers, Chitosan has a positive ionic charge. Due to this positive charge, Chitosan has the ability to attract digested fat, which is negatively charged, like iron filings to a magnet.

The fat and fiber together form a non-digestible mass that is eliminated through the digestive tract undisturbed. The fat that actually binds with the chitosan and passed through the body unabsorbed. That Chitosan-bound fat leaves the intestinal tract having never entered the bloodstream. Thereby negating its caloric value.

This is absolutely incredible. 

Because of it's ionic charge, Chitosan can selectively absorb saturated fats even in a water medium. So no matter what you eat or drink, chitosan is still a magnet for fat. It will absorb the fat you eat and pass it out of your body. You never absorb the fat that binds to it.

Reduce Risk of Cancer!

It has the potential to revolutionize the process of losing weight and by so doing, reduce the incidence of possibly developing some of the most devastating Western diseases we face today like heart disease, colon cancer, diabetes and other diseases that are related to a high fat diet.

Chitosan Has Tremendous Health Benefits

In addition, because it acts like a super Fiber, supplementing the diet with Chitosan can be considered part of the cleansing process so vital to weight loss. AS if these two attributes weren't enough to get you started today, Chitosan possess many other valuable properties that work to promote health and prevent disease.

Can act as antacid

Promotes Healing of ulcers

Helps prevent constipation

Helps control blood pressure

Calcium enhancer

Reduces level of uric acid

Chitosan effectively lowered cholesterol absorption more than sugar gum or cellulose

Inhibits LDL (bad cholesterol) Boosts HDL (good cholesterol)



Chitosan has a history of about three decades of use in processes like detoxifying water. When Chitosan is spread over the surface of water, it literally absorbs greases, oils, heavy metals and other potentially toxic substances. Like a "fat magnet," it attracts these big-hazardous substances from drinking water to such an extent that a scum forms in the water, which can be easily removed. Water purification plants throughout the nation use Chitosan for this purpose.


How is CHITOSAN Processed? 

The process of synthesizing Chitosan involves taking the shells of shrimp or crabs, grinding them to a fine powder and then deacetylating this powder. This refers to taking off specific chemical groups so that the remaining compound is more active its ability to soak up fats.


Does it have any calories? 

Amazingly no! Like some plant fibers, Chitosan is not digestible, therefore it has no caloric value. No matter how much Chitosan you ingest, its calorie count remains a zero. 


Chitosan Wrap Up! 

Why do I need to order today?

Which one of these benefits would you like to start enjoying immediately?

Chitosan binds excess fat molecules and fatty acids. Removes fat from your body thereby helping you reduce body weight

Chitosan binds dietary cholesterol- Reducing bad cholesterol that creates blocked arteries

Chitosan can function as a non-digestible dietary fiber- thereby reducing risk of colon cancer, increasing digestion, improving elimination, reducing constipation

Chitosan correlates with improved cardiovascular health and overall wellness.


You experience weight loss by:



After taking the Chitosan you get a sense of fullness in the stomach which serves to inhibit the appetite and discourages eating.


Fiber is crucial to good health and can never be stressed enough. Experts have been selling us the incredible health benefits that you will experience by increasing your fiber intake for years now. Unfortunately, it's not that simple for some people to switch or adapt their diet. Chitosan helps make this transition tolerable and even pleasant.


How to take Chitosan

Use directions on the bottle label according to your needs. Slowly adapt to a lower fat higher fresh fruit and vegetable diet. Take One - Two tablets 30 min. before eating your meal, and drink plenty of water to help flush your system.
See your nutritionist if you have more questions or see your doctor if you have Medical Questions.

Please consult your Healthy Physician before adding this or any other Supplement to your current diet.

The Ultimate
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