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No. 1 source for chitin, chitosan, and chitosan oligosaccharide














The development of commercial applications for chitin and chitosan has expanded rapidly in recent years. There is great potential for exploitation in numerous markets. The best promise for these markets are: 

    1) Health Care;

    Wound healing ointment

    Wound dressing

    Surgical sutures




    Contact lens

    2) Food and Beverages;


    Food stabilizer

    Flavors and tastes

    Anticholesterol and fat-binding

    Animal feed additive


    3) Cosmetics and toiletries;

    Hair care

    Skin care

    Oral care


    4) Agriculture;

    Seed treatment

    Feed ingredients




    5) Waste & Water treatment;

    Removal of metal ions

    Purify drinking water

    Treating food wastes

    Pools and spas


    6) Product separation and     recovery;

    Membrane separation


    Chromatographic columns

    Encapsulating adsorbents


    7) Immobilization and cell     culture

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